WE:MEAL means 'WE are a MEAL', 'WE=MEAL'

It’s a new concept brand that pursues more convenient and nutritious meals 
by using technology beyond the traditional meals

Easy Meal

“just adding” water ‘we:meal’ is prepared anytime, anywhere just pouring water.

Balanced Meal

‘we:meal’ is evenly packed with nutrients to eat for one meal.

Reasonably priced Meal

‘we:meal’ is more affordable than regular meals.


Cereal that you can taste of milk & cereals just pouring water


Cereal that can be eaten without restriction of space and time


Cereals that are easy to store and do not need any washing


Cereal that can help to consume nutrients evenly


Cereal with a pleasure to chew


Healthy cereals that use a natural ingredient, Stevia to replace sugar